Help - 3-Way Power to Light In Between Switches Wiring


I’m somewhat familiar with wiring smart switches /dimmers, but until now I’ve only used GE / Jasco products. However, I have a circuit that I believe will not work with GE switches, and I’m hoping that an Inovelli switch (not dimmer) will work, as I’ve heard they do not always require a neutral. This is a 3 way circuit, with power to the light. I have not purchased any switches yet, but have a spare GE add-on switch.

As it says in the title, in my configuration the power goes to the light, and the light is in between the two switches. That makes both the red / whites to both switches travelers. It’s wired exactly like this:

Is there any way to use an inovelli switch with this configuration?

Only the dimmer LZW-31 models work without neutral. None of the on/off switches work without neutrals connected to the switch.

Gotcha! I believe I could technically use a dimmer in this location, it’s just not needed. If I were to use a dimmer, would I be able to make it work?

@mkd8919 - Correct. Depending on the bulb/load you may also need to install the Aeotec Bypass (which will install at the light where the neutral is); otherwise you may notice a slight dim of the bulb when the switch is off.

Make note though, with non-neutral setups, you’ll need to use an Aux switch for the second/third switch.

Three way installs are when you have two switches controlling one load. Please see below for the various configurations. Note: You can only use this switch with a special auxiliary (add-on) switch made by GE or HomeSeer if you do not have a neutral wire. You cannot use this switch with an existing dumb switch or another smart switch without a neutral.

3-Way Installation (Using an Auxiliary / Add-On Switch)

Please see below for Inovelli wiring diagrams for a 3-Way (two switches controlling one load). This assumes you are using an auxiliary / add-on switch as your secondary switch and no neutral is used. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PROGRAM THE SWITCH FOR IT TO WORK PROPERLY (located in the instructions).