Help needed with 3 way wiring

Model # Red Series Dimmer (LZW31-SN)
Neutral or Non-Neutral Setup: Not sure
How is your switch wired? 3-Way
Hoping to use the GE Enbrighten Add-On Switch 46200

Am I blind or is there only 1 romex in each box?

That is the case. Not sure what to do with this. It is in the basement and connects to 4 lights.

You probably have something this…

I’m not sure how to wire in the aux. Maybe @harjms or @Bry can help.

Edit: THis might work

Yep, with only one 3-wire Romex in each box that’s pretty much all it can be. The hot will go first into one of those boxes and be connected to the black common terminal. You’ll have to test using a meter between the disconnected conductor and the ground to find out which box it is. The Inovelli goes there, Aux in the other.


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Thank you for the help. That work from a wiring standpoint. Unfortunately I have to many watts for the switch to support.

How many watts you running?

800 Watts total.

Yep, not even close for the dimmer.