Help with 3-way dumb to 2x smart switch rewire

Trying to figure out a 3-way setup using a couple red LZW-31SN dimmers. Current dumb 3 way controls lights at the bottom and top of stairs.

Diagram as best I can map out:

Proposed re-wire

Looks correct to me. Just make sure the one connected to load is the “master” switch when setting the associations.

My re-wire drawings were correct, and I am down to just 2 dumb switches left in the house!
Association is working too. Do I need to set any parameters for the non-load switch?

I think there is something parameter wise for the non load switch. I can’t remember which one but there’s plenty of details in the forums if you search.

Edit: search parameters 12 I believe.

Trying to change that in Hubitat to value=11 from value=15(default) and it doesn’t seem to be taking.

  • parameter12value : 15
    Screenshot 2023-07-01 170335

Is there a drop down that’ll let you change it below?

You are supposed to be able to click the setConfigParameter button to push the change to the device. :man_shrugging:t2:

I don’t have a device option like that for any of my Blues in Hubitat – what Blue firmware and driver version are you on?

I’m on 2.14 and 2023-04-11 respectively.

Hi @hydro311
I’m using the Red gen2 dimmer for this application.

Oof, yep, it’s right there in your first post. I somehow convinced myself you were telling about a Blue - mea culpa.

Oh I agree you should be able to.

You’re doing this change on the slave switch correct?

You’re also using the Inovelli and not Hubitat driver correct?

Yes, doing it on the non-load switch and using the Inovelli driver

Can you see if the logs of the switch are receiving the parameter change?