Help with fan/light switch

Hello, I am putting in a new fan/switch. I was able to get the switch in canopy module wired up. The switch is powered up and successfully paired with my smartthings hub. The issue I am having is with the canopy module or at least that is my assumption. When I turn the light or fan on nothing happens on the actual ceiling fan/light.

I am attaching a picture of the wiring for the canopy module. Note that the wires from the ceiling are red, white and green. I have opened a ticket, but haven’t heard back in 24 hours so I thought I’d see if anyone else had any ideas. Your help is appreciated.


So at the switch box, you sent power to the fan by connecting the existing hot in the box (probably a black conductor) to the Line terminal on the fan. In the same box, you have another Romex which is either a 2-wire (black, white and bare copper ground) or a 3-wire (black, white, red and a bare copper ground).

There should be 2 conductors attached to the Line terminal of the switch? What colors are they? Or if you want, post a picture of the switch wiring.

I’m going to have to open the switch box back up. I should add the old/existing setup is a basic power switch. There is an old remote/canopy module that controls the light and fan. The switch simply provided/removed power from the entire fan and light combo. I believe there were only 3 wires to the switch total including the ground wire.

Well if it’s easier, you can test at the fan. If you have a 3-wire (Black, red, white and ground) coming into the fan box, using a meter to test between the black and white and between the red and white. It looks as if you are using the red and white for power at the fan. If you connected the black at the switch instead of the red, then you presently aren’t powering the canopy module. In any even, connect whichever incoming black or red in the ceiling to the black wire on the Inovelli canopy.

Thank you so much. That fixed everything.

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