Help with Red Series + Hue + Dumb Lights

Hi everyone - I’m looking for some guidance on setting up an automation involving an Inovelli Red Series dimmer switch, Hue downlights, and a (non-smart) chandelier. Here’s my current setup and the challenge I’m facing:

  • I have a chandelier (dumb bulbs) and two Philips Hue downlights. Both are controlled by the same Inovelli Red Series dimmer switch.
  • My goal is to create an automation where, via Hubitat, upon detecting motion at night, the chandelier and the Hue bulbs turn on to 20% brightness.

I assume the challenge is figuring out how to supply power to the lights (especially the Hue bulbs) without them turning on to full brightness immediately? I need a way to activate the switch in a way that it only provides power but doesn’t illuminate the lights, allowing me to then set them to 20%.

Any suggestions or guidance on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!