Help with Zigbee 3-way wiring

Hi folks! I have installed a few Zigbee Blue Smart 2-1 Switches (VZM31-SN) in a single pole manner and integrated them with Home Assistant successfully. I’m now attempting a 3-way installation and have not been successful.

I did but some Zigbee Aux switches as well, but would rather try to get this working with Blue switches on both sides. I have a neutral wire, but I’m not clear which junction box the is wired first in series. Also, what’s not clear to me in the instructions is which of the 2 switches do I need to configure for 3-way? The first one in series or the further one?

After I get this sorted, there is one 4-way setup I’ll need to tackle as well :sweat_smile:

Here are some pictures. I appreciate your help and guidance!

This first switch is closest physically to the circuit breaker panel, but idk the wires run to the other jbox first because there are 3 switches in the other side. Hopefully you can see what you need to see in this one… if you need more pics or angles, I can grab what you need.

In the other side, I have the 2 Blue single pole switches working perfectly. The one on the left is the 3-way in question.

Based on the pictures alone, you have a line in one box and the load in the other. I think the line box is the multi-gang, since the black conductor attached to the black screw is connected to that black bundle that you are using for the line on the other Inovellis.

However, to do this properly, you should test. Remove the black conductors connected to the black screws and test between them and the white neutral bundles. Only one should be hot. I’m guessing that will be in the multi-gang box.

If that is the case and you want to use two Inovelli’s, then you’ll have to send a hot and a neutral from the line box to the load box, using the black for the hot and the white for the neutral, over the 3-wire between the boxes. Cap the red conductor at both ends.

You’ll have to configure binding after that, which someone versed in HA binding can assist with.


Thank you @Bry. Just wanted to follow up and let you know that this advice helped me successfully navigate installation of a 3-way and 4-way setup :slight_smile:

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