Home Assistant - Config Read Only

Hello all

I just got my first switch installed and have jumped through the 2134 hoops to get it to show up in my Home Assistant. When I go to the config tab it tell me that “This panel is currently read only”…

Is this real. Am I not able to make changes to all the settings from the HA UI? I initally had the switch working on my SmartThings hub and was able to set what i needed.

My setup is a little different…

Running HA 2021.4.3 in a container on my QNAP
Running MQTT in a container on QNAP
Yep, running openzw in a container on QNAP

Advice here appreciated.

Use the OpenZwave admin tool on a PC on your network.

Thanks… Some settings are still grayed out but this is a step closer.

Welp. Guess I jumped in too quick. Changed over to zwave js and YES… Can now make changes in HA.

Use ZwaveJSMQTT and can make changes within it too.

What was greyed out in the openZwave admin tool? I could access everything when I was using it.

Any of the settings that were in drop downs were disabled and I could not make changes. With zwjs I can now make all these changes in home assistant which was my goal.