Home Assistant Entity Question

I looked around to see if this was already asked. Did not find anything. Just curious why my LZW31-SN Dimmer shows up in HA as a Light entity but all my LZW30-SN On/OFF’s show up as a Switch entity. Any insight about this is appreciated.

Lights have brightness like a dimmer (0-100 mapped to 0-99)

On/Off is a binary switch that doesn’t need/have levels.

I think that’s as-designed.

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Well that does make a lot of sense. Thanks. Was curious but also wondering if I had done something wrong.

You are correct. You can use the switch platform to create a light entity that controls the switch. Sorry for the formatting, this forum doesn’t really handle YAML code pasting very well.


  • platform: switch
    name: master_bathroom_shower_light
    entity_id: switch.master_bathroom_shower_light
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