Home Assistant how to associate with Google Assistant

Hi All,

How is everyone managing to use google assistant with home assistant and zigbee devices. I have 40 of these switches on the way and I cant find any free integrations anymore. I am migrateing from kasa smart switches. Smartnora has a cost now.

Does it make sense to switch to Hubitat? for a one time hub purchase but long term google assistant integration.

Or maybe just associate everything with philips hue for the free google assistant integration.

Looking for suggestions.


So you have a few options (really the top 2 as good options) with HA and Google Assistant:

  1. Nabu Casa Cloud subscription. The upside here is this also lets you access your HA from anywhere and you’re supporting the team that develops HA.

  2. Roll your own cloudflare tunnels, along with setting up Google Assistant. You have a lot of flexibility as part of this approach, including your own domain name (a potential cost depending on what you prefer), but this will require a lot of up-front effort and some technical knowledge. Once it’s set up though, it’s pretty much done though aside from going into the Google Home app and signing back in to add new devices, etc when you need to update the devices there.

  1. Technically, a 3rd option would be to port-forward to your HA device and expose it directly to the internet and then use DuckDNS or another DNS service and then follow the Google Assistant setup from #2. YOU SHOULD NOT end up doing this unless you really know what you’re doing and even then it’ll probably get owned at some point because it’s directly open to the internet.

Thank you. I actually already followed the remote access steps previously. It looks like with some tinkering on a weekend I should be able to figure this out.

Thank you.

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