Home Assistant Versions for Tagging

Hey Home Assistant users – can you help me out with how you’d like the tagging to be structured for Home Assistant?

The main tag will be, “Home Assistant”, but what else would be beneficial to know as, “sub-tags”?

For example with HomeSeer – we have HomeSeer as the main tag and HS1, HS2, HS3, and HS4 as the sub-tags indicating the hub/software version.

Home Assistant has multiple zwave methods to choose from which have vastly different features, configuration and support for inovelli devices so possibly tags for the 3 methods available.

Current methods:
Z-Wave (Depreciated) - Is depreciated as it runs on OpenZWave 1.4 but still works with no current plans to remove it.

OpenZWave (beta) - First implementation of OpenZWave 1.6.

Z-Wave JS - Latest and preferred implementation of Z-Wave based on the much more recent Z-Wave JS which is also more actively supported.


Would it be worth trying to set it up like this?

Driver Add-on HA Integration
OpenZwave 1.4 Z-Wave (depreciated)
OpenZwave 1.6 OpenZWave (beta)
OpenZwave 1.6 zwave2MQTT MQTT
Z-Wave JS Z-Wave JS
Z-Wave JS Zwavejs2MQTT Z-Wave JS
Z-Wave JS Zwavejs2MQTT MQTT

The challenge with Home Assistant is that there are many ways to accomplish the same thing. The big push is going to be for Z-Wave JS, but even with Z-Wave JS there are multiple ways to set up your devices (using the built-in integration or over MQTT)

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