HomeSeer Switch Device Naming Schemes

For those of us who have these switches connected to HomeSeer, what do y’all use for a naming scheme for the switches and their sub devices? I added two the other day and I can see how these can be hard to keep track of - especially when exporting the config through HomeBridge to HomeKit.

I add the suffix parent to the main device, the one with all the zwave options enabled.

I then add the same prefix for all the child devices.

For example:

Room: TV (for all)

Ceiling lights parent
Ceiling lights Application Status
Ceiling lights Central Scene
Ceiling Lights kW Hours
Ceiling lights Watts
Ceiling lights switch

Thats how I do it too.

But what is the purpose of homebridge / homekit?
Never mind, just googled it… Not an apple fanboy that’s why I never heard of it.