How do you set up LED Notification Automations for the 2-1 Reds with Home Assisstant?

Anyone have Home Assistant blueprint or script or something for Red 2-1 VZW31-SN LED Notifications Bar or Node Red? I’ve been searching for an easy way to set up the LED notifications and have yet to find something for the Red 2-1 VZW31-SN with either Home Assistant or Node Red and can’t seem to find anything. Everything I find is pre-2-1 or for Zigbee.

I know there is this toolbox to get the configuration value for parameter 16.

There are these nodes for Node Red, but they aren’t updated for the new 2-1 Red and it looks like the project has been abandoned. I was hoping maybe @MRobi had forked it for the 2-1 Red, but it doesn’t look that way.

I know the entities are exposed in Home Assistant, but getting these into something usable for a variety of alert isn’t something I’m sure how to approach. When I tried it once, I had an LED in our bedroom on full brightness that wouldn’t turn off…


So what do people do to easily do a bunch of notifications with these LEDs? Or is everyone doing it manually? @rohan you got anything?

The top 3 entities are for notifications, but you’re missing the 4th one, the - effect one. Check if it’s hidden.

I still use node red by using the zwave_js bulk_set_partial_config_parameters service. Put something like this in the expression field but change the value to what you want for the notification.
“parameter”: 99,
“value”: 44699398

I’d like to try setting the entities but I haven’t bothered yet. I actually think it’d be more network intensive because setting each part of the entity individually probably means that part gets written vs the bulk set writing it all at once.

FYI, the node red inovelli scene manager node still works, just set it to LZW31-SN device.

I’ve been doing it manually for a long time (before Blueprints existed), so haven’t bothered to update my code. I’ve heard good things about this blueprint though: Control LEDs and LED Effects on Inovelli Black, Red, and Blue Devices by Area, Group, Device ID, or Entity - Blueprints Exchange - Home Assistant Community

Been trying to figure this out, too. I haven’t fully tested it yet, but my thread: VZW31-SN: Per LED with Effects - What comes first? HAS YAML code for bulk set parameters.
I made myself a spreadsheet of what parameter to set for each one. It calls multiple switches via bulk_set_parameter commands to sync them all, then queue the “notification” via the set duration effect parameter.
If I get this working and have time (currently have a newborn), I’d like to learn how to set up blueprints to make this easier.

Does the notification manager work for you? I can’t get it to work. What am I supposed to fill in for the call-service node?

No, just the scene manager node.