VZW31-SN: Per LED with Effects - What comes first?

GOAL: Set up an hourly notification based on the rising or falling of the temperature to go off hourly across multiple switches.
Current Configuration:

Ive set up a script for each group of commands that needs to be run. All of these use the zwave_js.multicast_set_value for each call. A total of 7 calls have to be made for each LED.
Here’s what I have so far:

  • One for duration
  • Two for color selection
  • One for effect
  • One for level (although this one will likely be a one-off command for the time being)
  • An automation that turns the LEDs off prior to the changes and then executes the scripts
  • A trend binary sensor that detects whether the temperature is rising/falling to a certain threshold

I have a couple of questions regarding this setup:

  1. What triggers the singular LED to do the thing? Do all parameters need to be set? Can they all be set with the duration being the final command, resetting back to 0? I think this is the best way to set them up but still under testing.
  2. Is the ZWave Multicast command the correct one I should use? From my understanding the multicast command sends simultaneously versus singular commands.
  3. Is there an easier way to set up multi-colored LEDs versus having to send 28 Multicast commands? I couldn’t imagine having to do this with 5 lights and setting each up individually (140 commands). Thank goodness the automation lets you choose multiple devices.

I’m tracking my automations and scripts here. I think it’s going to be a neat feature to have in my home. Although, admitting, this just for me and my household won’t care, :sweat_smile:, but could open up other ideas for the community to utilize.

Edit 1: Formatting
Edit 2: Including my GitHub Repo for what I have now.