How to reduce switch delay

Working on installing Red dimmers throughout my house and am looking for advise on ideal parameters to manage what I feel is delay in response at the switch.

I find that sometimes when I come into the room and tap the up paddle to turn the light on (return to previous level) it does not respond and I might have to go back and do it again… Maybe I’m not tapping it hard enough?

Also, when it does come on with the first try, it has to be close to 2 seconds from the point I tap the switch to when the light actually turns on.

Assuming this is something I can overcome by adjusting the parameters for the switch in Home Assistant somewhere? Further, is there a good guide/doc on what all the parameters are and ideal settings?

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You can start with the manual, which contains a couple tables of parameters. One came in the box with the switch, but it’s always better to get the one off the support site. The one for the red dimmer is below. But that’s not always going to be current as Inovelli is constantly updating.

So you should refer to the firmware change log, below. Sometimes features discussed here were introduced with a firmware upgrade, so you’ll want to refer to the change log to insure your switch is capable of whatever you’re considering.

Regarding delay, parameter 50 now lets you adjust that. You can also tweak the ramp and dimming rates. It may take some experimentation. I don’t think all this info is in one place. You can search here or get additional responses for others here. The delay issue has been discussed ad nauseam here, so you should be able to find it . . . somewhere.

Adding to the good info that Bry posted…

The first thing is to check what firmware version you have in the switches. There have been several updates in the past 6 months and even if your switches were bought new, they may not have the latest firmware. You will almost certainly want to have at least the Production V1.48 but may also want to consider loading one of the Beta versions to get the most recent enhancements regarding button delay (refer to the Firmware Change-log in Bry’s posting to see what’s different in the versions)

On top of tweaking the ramp/dimming rates also adjust the max/min values. My lights don’t come on until 30% so setting that as min will have it avoid the 0-30 range and not waste its time.

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All solid advice – dang guys, nice work!

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@Eric_Inovelli have you ever considered adding a bug or enhancement tracking section to the forum? It would be a place to centralize issues and feature requests.

For example to solve the above issue one of my non smart dimmers applies full power momentarily to the light then dims to the requested level. This would be a great enhancement.

Is the Beta 1.53 not available? The link is returning a 404.

I think it was pulled due to an issue.

Yeah, we initially had pages where we asked about bugs and it worked somewhat well. The problem is these threads turn off topic quickly and/or there are problems with what turns out to be a hub issue vs firmware and it’s hard to diagnose.

But, we’re definitely open to some form of bug/enhancement tracking.

Currently @EricM_Inovelli has been scouring the forums for common denominators and putting them in a GitHub tracker.

I wonder if there’s some sort of plug-in that could help with official bug tracking.

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What @Bry said. The manufacturer misinterpreted our ask which was to remove some local control options to make room for optimizations and instead removed the parameters altogether (hence the reports in the thread about not being able to change colors of the LED).


What about another MS form to collect the information? I think you can even use flow to add it to github :wink:

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