How to retrieve the full device configuration (HomeSeer)?

I’m setting up a new HomeSeer installation and starting off with LZW31-SN switches. I’m trying to figure out the best way to configure/update them, but am having a lot of difficulty. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Currently, I have been able to include the switch using non-secure mode and have the switch appear in HS. In order to configure the parameters of each switch, I find I have to go into each device, open the Z-Wave configuration, and manually set each parameter. Furthermore, I have to do this independently for each switch. So what I end up with are multiple manually configured switches, and no way to ensure that the configuration is the same for each switch in a given group.

Is there a way to read the fully configuration of the switches in a single shot? I’d like to be able to list the values of each configuration setting so I can ensure that they are set correctly. Right now, the only way I have figured out how to do this is to set a blank value for each config param to get the read-back from the device, but this is extremely tedious process and error prone.

If this cannot be done from within HomeSeer, is there some other mechanism/software I can use to do this? Can the SiliconLabs software provide this information somehow?