How to span microwave for Led strip lighting?

I am interested in the strip lighting for my kitchen but I’m unsure how I’m supposed to span the gap between my cabinet to the left of the microwave and those to the right of it.

I have an 18” cabinet, then my microwave, which is 30” then 45” of cabinet and finally 48” of cabinet. I have a plug right above the microwave in a cabinet that I would use to hide all the cords. Is there a way to split the power left and right to go to the 2 different sides? Do I use the extension cord instead? If so, is it 4’ or 6’? It seems 4’ would be much too short to run back up a cabinet, go across the microwave and then come back down again.



You could use a T to split left and right. It’ll be harder to handle the pixel effects if you’re looking to do that. I would opt for using the extension to start on one side to reach the other side.

I just tucked mine behind the microwave. Not super clean when you look at it, but unless your under 5’, you never see it.

Thanks for the pix!

I actually pulled the microwave and ran the extension above the bottom mount so that the extension cable is completely hidden. We had just purchased a new microwave about a month before getting the led strips, so my son was super excited to help pull it back down again to run the cable. For the “Sheldons” out there, that was sarcasm. Anyway, it looks great and I love the strips. I had two areas of my kitchen that needed under cabinet lights, so I had to create a scene in SmartThings to be able to control both strips at the same time.