How to tell which fan module goes with which switch - or how to pair a fan module to a switch

HELP! I didn’t realize the fan modules didn’t have a QR code to match the fan/light switch! I scanned the QR code on the fan module but the number that comes up looks nothing like the QR code for the switch.

My electricians have already installed 4 fan/light switches but we didn’t mark in any way which module went with which switch.

Is there any correlation between the switch’s QR code and it’s fan module QR?

If not, how can I pair a switch to a module?

Is there anything we can do except wire up each fan module and see if it works?

Check out page 8 of the manual. You can re-pair the Canopy module to the Switch but you’ll need to turn on power to the fan modules one at a time.

  1. Apply power to Switch & Fan Module for room
  2. After 30s see if Switch controls Fan, if so you’re good, move on to the next module
  3. After 2m Fan Module goes into pairing mode with the light “breathing” on/off
  4. Follow Switch <> Module pairing instructions in manual
  5. Repeat for next room.

Thanks for the fast response. So as I understand it, I should just turn on the fan, fan light. Wait 30 seconds and try to control it.

If not, just wait for 2 minutes to see the bulbs flashing. Once they do, per the manual hold button D and press E 3 times to put it in pairing mode. Once they are paired it should turn green and I’m good to go.


BTW, since the fan has pull chains should I set the fan to the highest speed?




Correct. You just need to be careful to only apply power to one fan control module at a time. If you power on more than one at a time they could link up or pair to the wrong switch.

So I got most of the fan/ights working. But one fan is acting very strangely though. A couple of times the lights came on for a few minutes and then went back off. The fan has never come on. Also, when the electrician bypasses the module entirely and connects the wires to each other up in the canopy the lights come on and stay on.

We moved the fan module to a different fan and that 2nd fan worked right away. However, we weren’t able to get that 2nd fan to work at first. It is possible that those 2 modules had been switched, but that doesn’t explain why the first fan/light isn’t working now that it has been swapped with the 2nd one.

We’ve turned the power at the breaker on and off several times but the lights never started pulsing, what you described as breathing. I’m thinking at this point that it is a bad module, a bas switch or both.

That wouldn’t surprise as I’ve now put in 20 switches over 2 days (Friday and today to not violate the 20 at a time rule) and of those 1 Red dimmer is definitely bad. (I know that as we tried it in 2 boxes and it didn’t work in either and when I put a different Red dimmer into each of those 2 places the replacement Red dimmers worked immediately.)

So, any other suggestions other then to have Inovelli replace the fan module and switch?



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