How to update Blue firmware with Z2M?

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I’ve done lots of searching and haven’t found the answer. I’ve set up a few of my Blue switches and Z2M has let me know for each one that there’s a firmware update available. I see threads for the new firmware versions, and I see that people have done the updates on their switches, but I can’t seem to find the procedure for how to actually update my switches over Z2M.

Any help would be appreciated.

New datapoint: After updating Z2M to the latest version to fix the problem of the switches not reporting local changes, there is now a firmware item on each device’s page, but they all say that their 2.00 firmware is up-to-date.

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Edit: missed your second post. Updated with info

Note: Z2M sometimes display the old version installed. If you question the installed version go to the dev console for the device and do a genbasic on the swbuildid attribute.


Thanks. I tried that and it does return 2.00, which is what’s on the switch, but how do I get it to know that there’s a newer version available?

In the top menu of z2m you’ll want to go into OTA.

Find your device on the list and you should have a red button that says Update Device Firmware.

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Thanks. That gives me this:

Oh, I guess I’m running into this now? Cannot Check for OTA Updates with Zigbee2MQTT

It wotks on z2m edge. You can temporarily stop z2m, start z2m edge, update, and then go back to regular z2m. Or wait for the next release monthly release of z2m in a couple weeks.