How to wire three way, associate with other switch?

I have a couple red series 800s on the way but have a problematic scenario to solve. I think I have a solution but can anyone confirm it should work or give pointers?

I want a three way switch for my foyer light, however there is no such wiring. Even worse, the existing wiring is in an exterior wall that is plaster and lathe over concrete, so running new wires would be difficult.

I will replace the existing foyer switch with one of my new switches, but the second switch is the question …. Can I put the second switch on a different circuit, in smart bulb mode, and associate it with the foyer switch?

Will that work? Do what I want?

Yes, you can put the additional switch anywhere where you can give it a hot and a neutral. No need to put it in the smart bulb mode because it will not have a load.

Once you have that second switch up and running you can use associations to connect it to the switch controlling the load. Or, more simply perhaps, you can use routines/rules to make it work.

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Great, thanks. Now for the hard part: waiting for them

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