How will these switches work with a generator transfer switch?


I am considering having a generator transfer switch installed (something such as Generac Power Systems - HomeLink 30A Manual Transfer Switch w/ Resin PIB - 6853 OR and as I was researching and saw the term floating neutral thrown around, it occurred to me - will smart switches work with a transfer switch since they use the neutral?

I’m curious if anyone has any experience implementing a generator transfer switch, and if so, whether it impacted their smart switches both when running on regular power and on a generator supply,

I don’t think it’ll make a difference to this question but in case it does I have multiple LZW31-SN and a LZW36.

@Bry - Can you answer the floating neutral? I run my generator directly to the panel and don’t use a ATS. Neutral is still bonded to the panel in my setup, but in short, I don’t think this will have any affect on the switches.

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The concept of a floating neutral vs a bonded neutral really pertains to the mating of the generator and the transfer switch. A generator will use one the two, and how the transfer switch handles the neutral and ground must match.

I don’t have any practical experience with these as they relate to smart switches. That being said, I can’t imagine why a smart switch wouldn’t work with either method. TBH, I’d be more concerned with how well smart devices in general work running under dirty power.

Agree. My generator is a inverter style so it’s a low THD. I’d be curious in how the other styles work with the dirty power…

Our portable 6,500 watt generator is the king of dirty power. We ran for 3-4 days last fall due to an extended blackout, and both the LZW30-SN’s and LZW36’s worked fine. I was even using the LZW30-SN in our detached garage to turn on the flood lights from inside the house when generator fueling time came around.

I also have an Eaton 1500 UPS (modified sine wave) on all of our home electronics. It is the only UPS that I’ve ever seen that actually charges/functions without whining on dirty portable generator power. Highly recommended if anyone is looking for a UPS, since my experience with several rack-mounted and floor APC units on larger generators is disappointing…

I have a whole house generac system with auto failover. All my switches work on backup power.

I can say that my switches work swimmingly with generator power. No issues whatsoever!

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