HSM Status using Inovelli LED Notifications

My goal is to provide visual status of various contacts and locks around the house using Hubitat and Inovelli LED notifications. Below is a flow chart with how I would like it to work.

I followed this flow using rule machine 5.0 and came up with this:

I feel this is fairly clunky and there are more efficient ways to accomplish this. Anyone have any input on ways to improve this? Additionally I have one bug where if the window is open, the yellow light will not come on while in the delay. Not sure on how to fix that one yet.

I ran into this a bit ago, and what I did was separate the door events from my alarm events.

Basically, have all of the doors trigger the alarm, and the alarm trigger takes precedence (meaning each individual device by each door has a condition that alarm isn’t triggered).

So alarm controls ALL switch notifications, and each door/switch combo has it’s own automation with a condition that my alarm isn’t triggered.

Hopefully that gives you something to run with. I’m on HA though so I can’t speak to specific events/triggers and controls.