Hubitat - Iris 3210l

Hi All,

I’m using a few light switches and Iris 3210l to get Wave from my house to Garage. My switch works fine, but my 3210 is not reached (they are sitting beside each other)

So the one corner of my house just a few feet away from my house, I have a new red series switch. The garage I have an older inovelli switch.

I have a 3210 in both corners which are closest.

Anyway the other end of the garage I have a wave thermostat CT101 that is not able to connect, this is not that far from the light switch or 3210. Everything was added to hub already.

Let me know if you have any suggestions.

You might want to try the Hubitat community if you haven’t already done so.

I’d suggest doing a Z-Wave repair then once that’s done an exclude of the thermostat then disable the Z-Wave radio in Z-Wave settings for a minute then turn it back on and try the join again.