Hubitat Live Interview Tonight (11.26.19)

If anyone wants to see me look like an idiot tonight on Hubitat live, I’ll be on the show trying to figure out what to do with my hands:

Kidding aside, I’m looking forward to hanging out with those guys. Great group of people and they really have something special going on over there.

Here’s the link (show starts at 9pm EST):

Make sure to ask about the Canadian Black Friday sale we messed up!


He saiiiiid Canada

OK it was a busy day… But gonna Watch that for sure


@simriv123 thanks for the shoutout on the live feed! :joy: You tha best!! image|230x500

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LOL @simriv123 – wish I could’ve read the YT comments during the feed. Would’ve told you Megan Fox does not appreciate that comment lol!

But seriously, thanks for coming – cool to have you all there :slight_smile:

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I tried! I feel like I failed you! I should have spammed that chat… You wanted so much to talk about us. :joy::thinking:

Nice live by the way, was it your first time?

Next time maybe ditch the cloud instead… Just saying… You’ve been roasted a little about that hahahaha

HAHA, I feel like I need to send @Eric_Inovelli a Hubitat for Christmas. Also, were you late in the beginning on purpose or trying to match the delayed delivery of the Smart switches? :slight_smile:

Thanks dude, yeah I’m sure you could tell based on how fast I talked and my head bobbing every which way!

Haha, man did this backfire on me lol. I was trying to show people how they should appreciate their Hubitat bc it runs locally, but I got put through the gauntlet in the comments!

Ok, ok, in reality I just don’t know how to work Hubitat so I stuck with what I had, which was ST – you caught me!

LOL – dang, that was a good one! I was going to respond to the guy when he introduced me as the marketing intern by saying, “yeah, I was in charge of pre-orders and Black Friday for Canada – it’s been a tough go around for me, but somehow I managed to stick around”.

@anon14959390 can vouch for me, I was at the office at 7:45 EST and I tried to open the Zoom link at around 8:30 and it just said, “Connecting”, so I figured the meeting hadn’t started yet. Then around 8:45, I tried again… same thing. I emailed Pete, but didn’t get a response. 8:55 rolls around and I’m in full panic mode. 9:00 hits and Pete sends me a text like, “dude are you joining?”. I tell him the situation and we can’t figure out what’s going on. So, I threw a Hail Mary, uninstalled the Zoom App I had on my computer prior and then re-installed it and it finally worked.

Walked right into Bruce’s notification talk thinking, “what is happening right now” haha.

Anyway, it was a good time!

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haha, at least you can take a beating.

I’ll vouch for @Eric_Inovelli. He was here at that time but I left about 8pm. @harjms He could have fallen asleep for all I know though.

In his defense though, my experience with zoom isn’t great so I won’t blame him completely.

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I wouldn’t say Hubitat is free and clear on the technology front, the last few live broadcasts have also encountered issues.

That being said props to @Eric_Inovelli for showing up to the gun fight with a knife. I’m sure we can find you a faster hub for next time :wink:

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Eric Hubitat has a great deal on a local hub now:wink::