Hubitat Package Manager not working

The Hubitat Package Manager (HPM) is not working now to update the Inovelli drivers. I had seen a notification from the HPM that updates were available. When I went into it, it said the updates were for the red dimmer and the light strip. It started with the red dimmer, but failed. Today I tried a “repair” instead of an “update” but it failed to with the below error message that said to notify the package developer, so that is why I’m posting this here. BTW, I did do a post over on Hubitat when the initial update failed, but so far I haven’t gotten any responses, so I apologize to those that regularly look at both forums. I would have waited longer for a reply if it hadn’t been the the “notify” bit at the end of the error message.

An error occurred while installing the package: Failed to upgrade driver Please notify the package developer…

I’d check “Logs” for a more complete error message. There should be something there to indicate whether it’s a problem with Inovelli’s driver (doubtful if it installs manually just fine), repo/package manifest, or some generic GitHub or HPM error. I’ve seen a few of the latter from time to time, and sometimes just trying again later works.

Also, never a bad idea to link to the original post. :smiley: [BETA] Hubitat Package Manager - #1544 by Stu_The_K - Custom Apps - Hubitat (I think that thread mentions a few oddities like the last one above, too.)