Hubitat Radio- Home Assistant Automations- Access to Red Notifications/Buttons

I’m transitioning from Hubitat where I have about 10 Red dimmers and Switches to Home Assistant. Right now I am using the makerApi integration to control devices in Hubitat using home assistant. However, I cannot figure out how to get the features of the Red dimmers/switches in home assistant. Primarily the Notifications and scenes. Does anyone have a workaround for this. I’m not ready to drop Hubitat fully yet and do not have a Zwave stick for home assistant. I look forward to some advice from the group.

When I had my red series on HE, I used the custom device handler that allowed changing the primary LED color through an automation. This was back in the days where interacting with the switch would cancel the notifications.

I think my workaround for this after I moved the HA and was using the Hubitat custom component to bring the devices in was to add the hubitat pallet to node red which allowed me to interact deeper with the devices on Hubitat than simple control. I’d use the trigger from HA and through the Hubitat nodes I was able to control the LED’s.

I’d bet though if you asked the dev of the custom component to add support of the LED bar, maybe as a RGB light entity, he’d probably add it to the next release. He was very responsive when I was using it.