Ideas on using Red series

Well, the Red Series offers a plethora of options. Great.

I have installed 6 of them in my new home. Give me some ideas on how to take advantage of all those possibilities. On Hubitat with the freshest driver. I’m struggling with Wife Acceptance Factor… What’s so special about it she says…

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Use the notifications to let you know if doors are open in other parts of the house. Garage, side doors, any door, etc. Good in the bedroom at bedtime.

Also, use the multi-tap function to control smart bulbs in lamps that are constantly powered. For example, I have a set of lamps in a room that all have smart bulbs constantly powered. The switch is wired to control outside lights. However, a double-tap up sets the room bulbs to 10%, triple-tap up to 50% and quad-tap to full brightness. A double-tap down turns them all off.

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Hey there!
One of my favorite parts about our Red Series Switch is the ease it creates once you have your automations and notifications set up. Scenes are awesome for accomplishing multiple tasks at once, my nighttime scene locks my doors, turns down my thermostat and lights and shuts off my TV and computers.

I’ve also found that by pairing our 4 in 1 Sensor to turn on lights automatically you can reduce touch points around the house, the less little kid sticky hands on the walls the better! ha :joy:

What is the specific problem? Can’t fix it if you don’t know what it is. :slight_smile: If it’s just the fact that it (almost) looks and functions like a regular switch so she doesn’t see the value, then I suggest looking into scenes or notifications as above. I have my LED bar “default” color (not a notification but the regular LED bar itself) change color based on my Hubitat mode (so if there’s a rare mode change problem or I’m not sure if, for example, Evening Mode started yet, I have an easy way to see). I and others also use the notification LED as suggested above for things like outdoor motion (someone at the door?), locks or garage doors (they open?), etc. I have almost entirely smart bulbs and use mulitaps to recall specific scenes/colors/color tempeatures, though with “dumb” bulbs you could probably find other uses.

If it’s the “delay” that some people have noticed (tapping the paddle takes a few hundred milliseconds to generate an event as it waits to verify that you are not multi-tapping), then that’s a different issue. If you don’t plan on using mulit-taps, the latest firmware allows you to disable that, but then as a consequence you’ll loose most scene events (all mulit-taps), so you almost might have well just have the Black Series (which actually wouldn’t send scene events at all, so there is still something to be gained here but usually not a lot more if you’re using “dumb” bulbs). As an alternative to that, you could consider automating the lights so you don’t need to use the switch at all. You know what they say: once you get your first motion sensor, you never go back.