Illumin bulb brightness randomly changes

I have two Illumin LED bulbs hooked up to the Red Series Dimmer. I’m creating a “sunset” routine that smoothly moves from bright orange -> dim red over the course of an hour. I have my auomation working but one of the bulbs occasionally jumps in brightness from whatever it’s set to by the routine up to 65%. It will then quickly jump back down again as another brightness change command comes in from the routine. It’s super annoying because it makes what should be a nice, soothing sunset routine very jarring.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

FWIW the bulbs are hooked up to the Red Series dimmer. There is no neutral but I’ve installed the bypass per the instructions. The internal relay is disabled and I have the dimmer set to 100% for the duration of the sunset routine so in theory it shouldn’t be causing this. Also, this problem is only happening to one of the bulbs. So I’m fairly confident it’s not the dimmer switch’s fault but I’m including these details just in case someone else has any ideas.

Hey @alcorn – this is super weird and apologies for this quirk!

Can you let us know what hub you’re using? If we can’t figure out this issue, I’m happy to send a new bulb to see if that fixes it.

Hang in there, we’ll figure it out. Pretty cool use case you have though!

I’m using Openhab 2. I can see in the logs what dimmer commands are being sent to the bulb and it doesn’t appear that the hub is sending any erroneous command to jump to 65% brightness. The logs look roughly like this:

Bulb2_dimmer received command set to 9%
Bulb2_dimmer state changed from 10% to 9%
Bulb2_dimmer state changed from 9% to 65%
Bulb2_dimmer received command set to 8%
Bulb2_dimmer state changed from 65% to 8%

This makes me think it’s a problem with the bulb but I’m not sure how to diagnose or proceed from here.

Any updates or ideas?