Illumin Bulbs change color on Smartthings Home Monitor Trigger

I have 4 Illumin RGBW bulbs connected to 4 different lamps supplied by constant power. These bulbs are set to “turn on” when Smartthing Smart Home Monitor is triggered by an event (door sensor/motion detector) and is set to Armed. Has anyone else had issues with them maintaining whatever light setting they were last on? I typically have them set at at 2700k and they maintain that fine during normal use from the ST app or commands via Alexa for on and off.

However I’ve noticed when triggered to turn on from the Smart Home Monitor they usually revert to about 5500k or sometimes they change colors on their own (red, green, blue). I do have all 4 bulbs set to associations split between two switches. I’ve tried adding only the switch and only the bulbs to Smart Home Monitor, and tried enabling and disabling color or brightness on trigger.

Might time with Smartthings is limited as I’m tired of the lag, missed alerts, and outages. Just curious if any other platforms have seen this, specifically Home Assistant?