Ilumin (L and IQ Panel 2/ weirdness

I bought 2 Ilumin bulbs with the hopes of pairing it with a dual channel switch in our great room so that I could use the bulbs as not only a dimmer but a “seasonal” decoration by changes colors to the occasion.

When I first paired the bulbs, one showed in with the ability to choose between bulb color(essentially the rainbow selection screen) and white(with the ability to change the “Warmth” setting from warm to cool). The other bulb did not give me the option to choose between color and white and only showed me the color setting.

I thought this was strange and excluded both devices and tried to add them back into the hub. This gave me some trouble, but I finally got them both paired.

Now both bulbs only show be the color setting and do not allow me to choose between color and white.

Not only that but the bulbs don’t change color at all based on my selection in the app

Im hoping someone has come across this and has found a work around - either through the iq panel or through


Sorry for the late reply here – @anon14959390 this has been recently fixed, correct? It was an issue on ADC’s end where they didn’t support color bulbs. However, we recently got this certified.

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This is correct. They should work now!