Increased Home Assistant (HASS) Support

I am new to the Smart Home world but have a few Inovelli products (Red Dimmers, Red Switches, RGBW (Multi-Color) Bulb) and use Home Assistant as my hub with a Z-Wave dongle. I see on all of your product info pages the list of hubs that you support and HASS is never on the list. Is this intentional? I’ve been able to get your devices working with HASS albeit a bit of work for some products. Why isn’t HASS on the list of hubs to test with/provide install instructions for? Love the products so far, just want the integration to get a bit more polished!

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I’m very interested in Home Assistant (not a current user), so I’d like to see this as well.

Long story short, Home Assistant us running OZW 1.4, where the new Inovelli switches are supported in OZW 1.6. The process for upgrading HA to OZW 1.6 is apparently extremely intensive and work is ongoing. There are documented work-arounds on the forums here.

I am not sure about functionality of the bulbs at this time, as I don’t have any and therefore haven’t had to edit my configuration further.

@zulu I love HA, and the onboarding has gotten sooooo much better in the last year, to the point that most of the “how to” videos are obsolete. I am a bit of a power-user though, but it’s getting a lot more user friendly.

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@doublepedaldylan Thanks for the info. Good to know.

An “official” forum post that was updated with the easiest/best way to self update to OZW 1.6 or just get Inovelli devices working would go a long way in making HASS feel like a supported platform. Currently there are multiple different posts/methods. I think having one official spot would help.

Yeah, I agree, though it seems like the team is preoccupied with managing hardware issues that finding, testing, and pinning these kind of community driven fixes is probably a low priority item.

I have the switches working great with (Home Assistant).
I just followed the steps from this post: Dimmer Support in HomeAssistant?

As @doublepedaldylan said, once they get ozw updated to 1.6, it should all work out of the box, but those steps will get you up and running for now!

I followed the steps outlined in that post. I have full support for the switches and dimmers, but the inovelli bulbs are still showing up as unrecognized. I’ll see if I can get the bulbs working in the same method that fixed the dimmers.

Given that HA is about to make a pretty significant shit to their OZW support in order to support 1.6, I think it’s prudent to hold of on anything “custom” to make it work in current iterations. Transitioning from anything other than basic HA ZWave is probably not going to be too easy.

makes sense. Hopefully HA makes those changes soon. I think it’ll make a lot of things better, not just inovelli support.

Absolutely agree. I’m thinking about setting up a second instance just to mess around with the new stuff and test it out.

Have you found a decent work-around for the bulbs and switches to work in Home Assistant while we wait for 1.6? I apparently didn’t do enough research before buying, and haven’t been able to get them working reliably enough to keep in my setup, without messing up other devices on my network.

edit: I’ve tried just normal pairing and adding this repository Dimmer Support in HomeAssistant?

@EricM_Inovelli has submitted a pull request to update the Home Assistant Zwave repository with more up to date info. Once this is accepted and merged into an available update, I expect everything to work a bit better. See the relevant post below.

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