Inexpensive "button"

I’m amazed that something like IKEA’s new shortcut button (TRÅDFRI Shortcut button, white - IKEA) doesn’t really exist for zwave.

Here’s what I’m hoping for:

  1. simple. Aka a single button (maybe double/triple tap at best)
  2. decent battery life, ideally 1yr+ (700 series chips should help)
  3. inexpensive…obviously hard to beat IKEA, but even $10-15 US would be reasonable

Can you go with Zigbee?

not currently…I’d need to add a ZigBee controller. I do realize ZB ones exist…it just amazes me that ZW ones don’t. It seems like a fairly simple device to have.

Another downside if I were to go with ZB: I have a massive ZW mesh now in my house, but my ZB nest is nonexistent, so I imagine I’d have problems if I just had some buttons.

I’ve used these z-wave scene controllers. They seem to be what you’re looking for.

Those look to be a decent option…a tad costly and not superb battery, but the bigger problem is they seem to be non-existent. Ideally I’d find them in Canada, but even on Smartest House they only have refurb units