Innovelli LED bars...idea?

Wish movies were allowed…so many themes and motions on these suckers.

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Yeah this is pretty sweet – were you thinking track-lighting? I’d love to see this come to life with some @EricM_Inovelli magic with the animations!

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You can create a Youtube channel free and post movies there and share the link.

@terk - Thanks. I’ve been avoiding creating a channel just because I don’t know what I would put up…

However, here is a sample of a video after I had it installed.

@Eric_Inovelli - They installed it in a channel. The options are spaced at 6", 9", or 12". If I could suggest anything would be to make a Z wave controller (currently this one is WiFi) and the LED diffuser be clear vice blue because it makes the colors a little bit off.


Love it - which LED strips did you use?

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