Innovelli Switch Outdoors?

Specs for the red series dimmer list the environmental operating range of 32F - 104F. Anyone have experience using these outside in temperatures outside that range? Specifically colder than 32F? I’m in Ohio, and it drops to 0F a few times per year. I have a light outside on a patio that I was hoping to install a switch for on a post in a weather tight box. Would be great to be able to use a red series dimmer so I could trigger outdoor scenes.

I was reading that the GE/Jasco switches have the same rating, but other folks have had them installed in detached garages for years in colder climates without issue.

I have one in my shed, but doesn’t get as cold as the Midwest. I wouldn’t be opposed to running a switch in a weatherproof structure. I wouldn’t sweat the 0 degree weather if it was me. If you said an outdoor switch in a non NEMA box then I’d look for an alternative.

Yeah, that’s my thinking too. Thanks.

I have one in my garage in RI. We had temps in the teens this winter and it was fine.

I have two Black switches in a detached pole building without any heat since they were first released and they functioned without issue. Also another Red Switch in an attached Garage that is a bit warmer. No issues in any of the three switches…

Located in Wisconsin so we saw plenty of below 0F temps this year…

I have two Red Series switches in our shed and two in the garage. None of the switches are outdoor but in non-climate controlled environments. One of the switches in the shed is in a three way circuit all the others are the only switch on the circuits. February only had a couple of days above freezing many nights or even days where below 0F. One of the switches has been in the shed through two winters now all the others are on their first winter but have all worked great.

Awesome. Thank you all. This puts me at ease. I’m going to try it.