Inovelli bulbs not turning white

I have 2 of the RGB bulbs, running through Hubitat as well as Alexa. If I ask Alexa to change the bulb color from any color other than white it will work. However if I ask to change to white, it will not work. It used to, but now I find myself having to go into hubitat manually and reconfigure the color back to white. I have other inovelli lights in other rooms and no issues just these 2 lights. Kind of perplexing.

Which driver are you using? The built-in driver has not ever given me issues with white color temperatures, but the Inovelli driver (at least the one that was latest available a few months ago) has never given me white.

I’m using the built in Inovelli driver, however it’s the same driver I’ve been using since I’ve had these lights. Im not sure if they update drivers and repositories like operating systems do, so it could be an outdated driver or if it did update, it could have very well broke the driver all together. Wonder if there’s a way to roll back driver updates?