Inovelli Dimmer LZW31

I have the Inovelli Dimmer LZW31 wired with a neutral to a philips hue smart bulb. I would like to use this switch to control the bulb without actually turning the power to the bulb off. I’ve searched the forum but could not find this exact problem. I’ve disabled local control and was hoping the use the Smart Lighting app in Smartthings to control either the bulb itself or I have the option to control another switch that virtually controls the hue bulb. Is it possible with this type of switch? I was under the impression that the buttons could be used like a “push” “held” when not actually used to trigger the internal relay. Any help would be greatly apprenticed. Thanks

You need to disable the internal relay so that constant power is provided to the Hue bulb. 8 presses of the config button. See the instructions, p10

Your second question refers to using multiple paddle presses to invoke scenes. You need a Red series LZW31SN to do that. Your LZW31 is a black series that does not have that capability

@X0mbie@Bry is correct around the scene function (Black Series does not support this – only the Red Series does) – this is the best approach when it comes to controlling non-Z-Wave bulbs (Hue is Zigbee).

Unfortunately when local control is disabled, there are no commands being sent to the hub letting the hub know the switch is on or off (and thus not able to trigger a virtual switch or automation).

What you could do (I would advise against it as ST runs in the cloud and it is very slow) is wire the load and line to the line terminal so that the load is always hot. Then re-enable the relay and create an automation where if you turn the switch on it will report to the hub that the switch is on and your smart bulb can turn on/off based on the status of the switch.

However, again, I’d recommend against this due to the slowness of the cloud and also you can’t change the color or anything.

Hope this makes sense?

Here’s another KB article that may explain this better:

But just to clarify (I think), Eric is referring to using the Black Series dimmer that you currently have. If you switch to the Red Series, you can disable the relay (so you don’t have to bundle the line and the load permanently) and still use the scene capability to turn the light on and off via the switch as a dumb switch would normally do. @Eric_Inovelli Did I get that right?

Yes, exactly – thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

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