Inovelli Red Dimmer in 4-way with Add-On switches

Hey there,

Just installed my 4-way switch based on the recommended setup with 2 GE Add-on switches. I set the switch to 3-way Momentary. I’m able to turn the light off from the 2 GE Add-on switches, but am unable to turn it back on. I can turn the light on from the Red switch but after turning back off from the Add-on switches, they don’t work to turn back on. One time I was able to turn the lights back on from a GE switch by pressing 3 times in rapid succession, I can’t replicate this however.

Any idea as to what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you,

EDIT: I was running with a Neutral wire, so just an FYI if you run into the same issue, you have to change AC Power Type to Neutral as well

What hub? Can you post a screenshot of the dimmer’s settings?

Can you also post up which inovelli wiring diagram you followed? Is the switch staying powered when you turn off the lights via aux switch?