Inovelli Red Series and Philips bulbs

I’ve got these types of bulbs in Inovelli Red Series:

But when we dim the lights, or brighten them using the Red series dimmer, the lights kind of flicker as they step down. Or maybe a better way to describe it is they appear to stutter as they dim. Rather than a smooth fading.

Is this normal? Or maybe the bulbs I have are just not compatible? I mean they work, it’s just very slightly annoying with the stuttering during dimming and brightening. Having a hard time knowing what light bulbs I should be using.

It sounds as if you are describing the stepping through the illumination levels while dimming. Inovellis seem to have larger steps than others. You can minimize this effect by tweaking the dimming speed and/or ramp rate settings speeding up the transitions.

Thanks. I did adjust my dimming speeds and ramp rates and it does minimize the effect a bit.

It seems like it maybe has something to do with the bulbs as well though? If I use the philips warmglo bulbs like this from They seem to smoothly transition without stepping through illumination levels.
…But if I use the ones from They seem to step down.

We don’t really mind the stepping down illumination thing, but I was just curious that maybe I wasn’t using compatible bulbs or something.

It could be the bulbs as well. It’s a bit of the wild west with LEDs. Some work well, some not at all and some work, but with issues. The best thing to do is what you’ve done, experiment to find what works best and go with it.