Inovelli Red Series Dimmer - Aeotec bypass - LED flicker

I’m having small problems with several Inovelli Red Series dimmers in our house. We have a mix of light fixtures and LED bulbs.

These LED fixtures work great: Although I have to set the minimum level to 25, they dimm up and down with no flicker.

These LED bulbs I got: I have 8 of them in one chandelier, with no neutral wire, but they are 5watt per bulb, so that would be 40watts total. On this chandelier, when you use the dimmer the lights flicker slightly as they change brightness. Would this be because I don’t have the Aeotec bypass installed? When I tested these bulbs with a non-smart LED dimmer, there was no flicker and the bulbs seemed to dim to a lower brightness. The Philips packaging also advertises no flicker.

On another chandelier I have 7 of these bulbs, but with a neutral wire, and a red series dimmer, and when you use the dimmer, they flicker slightly. Would this also be because I don’t have a Aeotec bypass?

Non of them are on the compatible bulbs list, but to be honest I am disappointed that Inovelli hasn’t tested more over the counter LED bulbs from hardware stores. The list is very limited. It would be nice if they could put more effort into this.

My main question is; even with a neutral wire, is it a best practice to install an Aeotec bypass, and if so does this allow bulbs to be dimmed to an even lower brightness, and prevent flicker?

Only if you’ve gone through basic troubleshooting steps (e.g. make sure wires are tight, bulbs work, etc…) and the bypass is the only solution (though not always guaranteed to work). It’s worth a shot. Buy from Amazon and if it doesn’t work, send it back. Only costs you your time.

Ok. Thanks. Yes. So the wiring is good, (Electrical company just did it to standard), bulbs are good (work with other non-smart LED dimmers).

So just to confirm, the Aeotec Bypass may also help on fixtures that even have a neutral and still flicker a bit when dimmed? Time is money!

Theoretically, it shouldn’t need a bypass. I have one installed on a neutral setup; all others are no bypass needed. Make sure the parameters are correct for the switch and neutral type. Otherwise, try the bypass.

15 minutes to install a bypass and fix shuttering lights is cheaper to me than watching 15 minutes of soaps…