Inovelli Red Switch set to No Neutral

Using a hub other than Smartthings, how do I set the switch to No Neutral ?

p.s. I am using a ISY hub

Only the dimmer can be used non neutral. Lzw31/lzw31-sn

That, I know… My question is that I believe that for a single pole use, the switch is set to need Neutral. There is a description on how to set the dimmer switch to No Neutral when using Smartthings, but I am using ISY.

So you have a dimmer, not a switch?

No sure about ISY but you can do it from the dimmer. Press config button 12x to toggle neutral/non neutral

That’s after getting into configuration mode. Press and hold config button until LED bar goes yellow, then press configure button 12x.


Follow the non neutral portion of instructions. Aux switch part is not important.

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T H A N K S !!!
That is veey helpful

Thanks also for the valuable information