Inovelli Switch Works Kinda - Need Help with Wiring

House was built in 2019, The switch I am trying to replace powers my back porch lights, which are controlled by two switches. There are two set of lights on my patio one set over the patio itself (Wire 1) and another set that lights up the stairs (Wire 2). I am trying to Wire an LZW30 Gen 2 Black On/Off switch to the 3-way light switch. The diagram below shows the wiring prior to installation. I wired the Inovelli switch and got it to work, however it is not auto detecting the dummy switch position. If I turn off the Dummy switch it kills the power to my Inovelli switch. The thing that makes this more confusing is the extra black wire attached to the switch. I also need to mention that my neutral wires are not connected to any of my switches as in the diagram. I did use the jumper to attach the Neutral wire to the Inovelli switch’s Neutral wire location. The wire labeled (4) is somehow connected to other lights in my house not controlled by this switch. I discovered this when I left it disconnected, and I lost my kitchen, dining room, laundry room and garage lights. Wires (1) and (2) I believe go to the lights. Wire (3) Im guessing is coming from the lights.

So if wire 4 needs to be connected or you lose all of the unrelated lights, that suggests to me that your Line i.e. the source of the hot, is at switch 2. The wire 4 connection is simply sending the hot downstream to other unrelated things. A three-way circuit doesn’t have to be at the end of a run.

If that is correct as you describe it, then your Line is in switch two, which is where the Inovelli should go. I’m guessing that you presently have the Inovelli powered via a traveler, which will only be hot when switch 2 is in one position. When you throw it to the other position, the hot gets routed over the other traveler, so the Inovelli loses power.

Thank you, I will try and move to switch to this location and see if I can resolve this issue. I appreciate your input and I will post a follow up once it is attempted.

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This was in fact the problem. I moved to inovelli switch to where my other dummy switch was located and problem solved. Your help was much appreciated.

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