Inovelli Team Contacts

Hey everyone! I’ve been meaning to post this since the beginning, just never got around to it, so I apologize.

Anyway, I wanted to share the team contacts so that when you’re needing something in the community, you know who to tag. Feel free to tag any of us, we’re all here to help!

@Eric_Inovelli - Founder/CEO
TLDR: Tag me if you need anything non-super-technical.

I’m here to oversee the community. My background is more for anything non-super technical as my degree is in Marketing – I just have a passion for home automation. Feel free to tag me if your post isn’t getting the attention you need and I’ll make sure to either step in or tag the correct person to help.

Home Setup: At my house, I run SmartThings and have a pretty vast collection of name-brands. All switches are Z-Wave (mixture of GE, HomeSeer, and Inovelli, with one Lutron in there) and bulbs are a mixture of Z-Wave (ilumin) and Philips Hue. I also have a Rachio sprinkler system, Nestcam (Dropcam) and smoke alarms, and an ecobee.

@EricM_Inovelli - CTO
TLDR: Tag him if you need anything technical (drivers/handlers/code or Z-Wave).

Eric M is here to answer any technical questions. His background is in Information Systems and Technology so he understands the logic and code that goes behind home automation technology. He’s written all the drivers and handlers for our devices and works with our manufacturer on the firmware side of things. Feel free to tag him on anything technical related, questions about drivers/handlers/open-z-wave, etc

Home Setup: My current hub of choice is Hubitat, but have been around home automation long enough to have used a variety of platforms. For help with our community I have Vera, Fibaro, Homeseer v3, Home Assistant, OpenHAB, SmartThings, Nexia, Wink,, Ring, and possibly others. Not as well versed in those platforms, but I can find my way around. I have years of Linux administration experience which helps out with some of them. In my home I have a large variety of Z-Wave, Zigbee, and Wifi devices. Inovelli switches, motion sensors, and bulbs. As well as Lutron, iBlinds, Keen, Aeon, Brilliant, Sonoff & H801 :slight_smile:, Garadget, Samsung Zigbee devices, Sonos, Harmony, etc. As you can tell, I’m kind of addicted to home automation. :wink:

@Courtney_Inovelli - Operations & Project Manager
TLDR: Tag her if you need anything related to shipping, project questions, or anything operational.

Courtney handles the operations behind Inovelli. She’s literally the one that keeps things organized and in check behind the scenes. In addition she handles the Project Management with our manufacturer, leading the weekly/bi-weekly phone calls. Please tag her or shoot a PM to her if you have any questions related to your order, if you have a question on a certain project or anything else related to operations.

Home Setup: Courtney uses SmartThings and has a combination of Z-Wave switches and bulbs. She’s the only one on the team that has an all Inovelli house!


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