Inovelli with 2gig

Hello everyone. First off I’m new after trolling around for a bit here and on Reddit. My current setup is a 2gig GC2 security and automation system with many 2gig window and door sensors utilizing I quickly found out how fun and addictive this was. First i added an thermostat, then a Schlage z-wave deadbolt to the front door. I think i am ready to jump in and replace my dumb switches and bulbs with some smart switches and bulbs to the family. Inovelli seems like it would be a great fit, IF it’s a fit. It seems that not too many members speak about having similar configurations and use Inovelli, so i haven’t been able to learn if this would work. I’ve read the following in the “Compatible Hubs / Gateways” section:

  1. 2GIG (no advanced settings)…
  2. (no advanced settings)

What does “no advanced settings” mean? Does having my current setup prohibit me from having the full Inovelli experience? Should i instead move my sights to a lesser switch?

I am sorry if i am not articulating myself correctly. I am a novice at best in this game looking to have some fun and learn a thing or two. Thanks

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The Inovelli switches have many capabilities beyond just being switches. For example, they can provide power monitoring statistics, the LEDs can display notifications from other devices in the smart home ecosystem and they can act as scene controllers, to name a few. AFAIK, no advanced settings means that the controller can turn the switch on and off, but that’s about it. None of the cool stuff.

If you are really interested in home automation, then I would look at implementing a home automation hub to augment your alarm. There is way more to home automation than simply turning switches/dimmers on and off.

Hey @pall21 - welcome to the community! As usual @Bry is spot on.

We’re working with an official integration with, but even then, they will not support all the advanced features. We will continue to push them as I do believe their platform would improve if they supported notifications (ie: Alarm is armed, switch turns Red, etc).

Thank you for responding. This community is great and your products seem to be even better! I am sad to see that your products won’t work to their full potential with my current setup. I hope steps up so i can partake in the fun. I’m just starting to imagine the potential but unfortunately for me i’m not as technical as most. Lol. Hopefully i cant learn! Thanks again

I’ve seen a few people purchase SmartThings and use their IQ Panel as a secondary controller. Above my pay grade, but I think it’s possible and may be able to allow you to use our products to their full potential!

I am definitely going to look into doing this. Still, way above my pay grade for sure! Thank you.

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@pall21 I am going to most likely do this too - I have an IQ Panel 2+ and a sh!t ton of ideas on how to build out my wife and I’s new home.

IF you learn anything new - please hit me up

I currently have a Iq2+ panel and just installed the switches on three new fan/light combos. The issue I have is that my Qolsys(IQ2 panel) has the light and fan speed separately on the panel, (and controllable) but it is not separate/ controllable on the app. This is a bit frustrating bc I specifically bought these to control fan speed/light dimmability separately all on one switch without having to have two separate zwave switches. When I turn off the light (which is all it shows on ADC) on the ADC app then it turns the fan down as well. I need help. I will be contacting as well tomorrow to see if I can get help from them as well.

I would highly recommend moving home automation off of the IQ2 panel. I have one, and got incredibly frustrated at the lack of intermediate automation available, and the app is very lackluster with no real updates in years. The frustration you are experiencing is what got me moving down the Hubitat path for everything but the perimeter systems, but I’m strongly considering migrating those as well.