Inovelli's Going To CES?

I heard somewhere :thinking: that Inovelli will be at CES in 2020, correct? If so, I hope you’ll be taking some videos and photos to share with those of us who can’t make it. :grinning:

We will be at CES this year. First year with a booth and not just going. Lots of exciting things to see there.

We are also planning on sharing a couple things we have been working on. Some of them will be announced at CES and some may not but we shall see!

Expect videos and photos to be released while we are there. We plan on putting a few things on here as well as on social so if you aren’t following @theinovelli on facebook, Instagram, twitter and youtube, you could miss out.


Awesome! I’ll definitely stop by and see what you have going on! I hope to see your light/fan combo switch. I showed my 8 year old son the concept drawing of it one time and now he asks me about it daily. Lol


Fantastic, I’m here as well and can’t wait to stop by and see what you guys got!!! See you guys soon!

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I was able to stop by Inovelli’s booth today and check out everything. Their setup stood out amongst all of the zwave partners. It looked great with the led lighting. I’m excited for the fan light combo dimmer and the led strips that are coming out this year. The Edison bulbs in the top right were also really cool to see. Looks like some exciting stuff is coming soon!


Thanks for posting, exciting stuff!

Good looking both! Exciting stuff heading our way! Thanks for sharing.

Was an amazing first day and thanks @Hoveeman for the picture! Wish I could’ve seen you, but I’m sure Brianna and Courtney took care of you – they did an amazing job today :slight_smile:

So, here’s what we have going on at the booth starting from the top down:

  • Top: 5x RGBW A19 Ilumin bulbs which are directly associated with the Dimmer switch (bottom left). More on this below.
  • Middle-Left: A19/BR30 Z-Wave bulbs which are controlled by the On/Off switch (more on that below)
  • Middle-Right: Various ZigBee Edison bulbs (we’re trying to get them in Z-Wave, but right now they are only produced in ZigBee)
  • Dimmer & On/Off Switches: You all know about these :slight_smile: – both have their relays disabled so that power always goes to the smart lights and the dimmer is directly associated with the A19 Ilumin bulbs at the top, whereas the On/Off is using Z-Wave’s scene control to control all the bulbs in the middle.
  • Fan/Light: Heck yeah baby – this thing looks amazing.
  • Fan: This will look identical to the Dimmer switch
  • Plugs: Cute little peanut plugs lol – they have energy monitoring in them and are 700 Series
  • 4-1 Sensor: Should be released any day now on Amazon (Humidity, Temp, Lux, Motion)
  • Lightstrip: There’s a special place in our heart for this – hopefully the tariffs go away or decrease here. The firmware is looking amazing on it right now, so there’s not much more we have to do. The manufacturer is also planning to move to Taiwan to eliminate the tariffs in a couple months, so this project may come back to life.

Hope this helps!

Here’s a video as well:


Can you share any kind of timeframe on when you expect the Zigbee version of your existing products to be available? Not asking for any committments, just an idea of whether they’ll be out this year or next, or even further down the line.

We have already started working on some of them so not a super long time.

Those 4-1 Sensors are available to order now, with an in stock date of the 13th. I may or may not have already placed an order. Of course, if you’ve got an coupon codes or something that you want to give to early adopters a discount, I could perhaps be convinced to place another… :slight_smile:

I wish it were zigbee instead of Zwave, just because I have almost no zwave stuff besides my Inovelli dimmers and bulbs, but at least your recent announcements give hope for zigbee devices in the future.


I’ll add another pic as well! :wink:


Hey @Brianna_Inovelli!

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Title: a booth and her designer :joy::nerd_face:

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