Installing Aeotec Bypass at a HighHat

I have a room 4 with LED high hats that i’m trying to dim. I do not have a neutral at the switch, so i bought the inovelli switch. Because they are LED’s i bought the aeotec bypass, but how do i install it at the high hat? It’s a screw in bulb… I do not have access to the high-hat can in the attic.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

I would cut the pigtail and use wire nuts/electrical tape to attach the aeotec bypass to the black and white wires if accessing the can light mount is not accessible.


So cut the wires on the pigtail that screws in to the socket and wire nut in the bypass. How about if I have access to the high hats? Also do I need a bypass on each high hat in the group?



You can do it there too, but electrically it’s the same.

Typically, no.

Thanks I appreciate the reply