Installing LZW31-SN and LZW30-SN for bathroom fan and light

I have two issues.

First, when I install the dimmer (LZW31-SN) in the bathroom, where there are two LED fixtures that are the same as a Honeywell switch I installed in the kitchen, I noticed there’s a dim light in the off position. I had an Aeotec bypass installed in another switch and assumed it wouldn’t be a problem as the Honeywell setup is similar (two light switch). I don’t want to have to buy a bypass for every light I want to install a switch in if Honeywell’s dimmer can work. What’s the best way to work with this?

Second when I install the Inovelli ON/OFF for the bathroom fan, sometimes it sputters, which doesn’t sound right. I hear a “click” at the switch whenever I turn it on and off. Is this right?

Me too, likely more :grimacing:

I believe Honeywell uses different technology in their switches (TRIAC whereas we use MOSFET) which may be causing some of the issues. What type of bulbs are you using in your bathroom?

Also, are you using a neutral setup or a non-neutral setup?

Hmmm… the click is the relay at the switch when it turns on/off – but are you saying the switch sputters or the fan?

In all seriousness, sorry about the issues, we’ll figure them out, I promise.

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Hey Eric, thanks for the quick response! Love the Inovelli switches and really want to make them work.

The bulbs are built in LED fixtures (I know, wish it were a socket). I’m using a neutral setup. I had to pigtail all the neutrals since it’s a 3 gang setup (overhead light, vanity light, fan). There’s 4 neutrals and 2 jumpers pigtailed together, and tried to verify that it works. I swapped line and load on the dimmer. Didn’t do anything.

The clicking happens at the switch, though hadn’t had the fan issue reoccur yet. I was taken aback since the dimmer doesn’t have that click.

Ah dang… so even when the bulbs are “off”, they glow?

Right, very faint but they do glow.

Aeotec bypass is probably the solution you need. @Eric_Inovelli -When Inovelli going to sell white label bypasses? You’d be making a fortune on all these bypass recommendations I’m handing out.

I wouldn’t mind buying the bypass if they were $5. $15 is insane but I get it.

Lol, yeah, idk. Maybe when the ink is dry on a few things :wink:

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Have to ask … Are you sure the switch is fully off and not just dimmed down really low?

Also, you say you have the Neutral wired - which means there should be no leakage through the load (typical cause of slight glow when switch is off). BUT just connecting the neutral wire is not enough, you need to configure the switch to use the neutral. The default setting is no neutral.

When I press the dim button quickly and hold it down; it keeps a low dim.

I set the configuration parameter 22 to 0 (load only) and parameter 21 to 1 (neutral)

Would you mind taking a video and either sending it to me via PM or posting it here? This is the part I’m not understanding (sorry, long week):

Are you doing both at the same time? If so, to dim you hold up/down on the paddle, but to turn on/off, you tap up/down.

Sorry, if I’m misunderstanding :confused:

Ahh let me clarify. If I tap OR hold it down, it still stays dim.

Ah got it – ok – unfortunately, I think it’s an incompatible bulb/fixture :frowning:

There is an interesting post here: LZW30 not turning off completely - #19 by adamdicarlo (I know it’s a separate product, but the video explains it a bit better).