Insteon ... Reborn?

I heard the HA integration started working again

HA users rebuilt the insteon dashboard to keep it going. But my understanding was this only works as long as they did not reset the hub. Once the hub was reset there was no going back.

I have to wonder how this group of “passionate users” will run the business differently to dig it out of the financial hole it was in. It’s hard to run and maintain servers off of hardware sales alone.

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Well I guess we’ve got the answer on how they plan to dig it out of the financial hole it was in. By implementing a $40/yr subscription fee to use the product. I wonder if they went $40 because wink failed so miserably at $60 ($5/month).

HA is thriving at newly-released $65 annual pricepoint. For what I get I am GLAD to support more development for the price of a nice dinner for myself. I get more enjoyment out of this as my hobby all year anyway!

But yeah I think Insteon people realize how crippled they were without the cloud, so they will pay but more than likely look for local solutions in case something happens again.

I think the difference is that it’s optional. You can literally do everything that nabu casa provides if you’re willing to put in the work to set it up. They even give you the instructions to do it.

By doing it that way, the $65 becomes a cost of convenience instead of a necessity. And people are much more likely to pay for convenience and not complain about it. It’s like snow removal… I can go out and shovel my driveway all winter, but I will happily pay a guy $400/yr to come with the tractor and do it for me. :rofl: With a forced $40/yr “fee”, I’d be happy to have functionality back for now, but by next year I’d be certain to have everything switched over to something local.