Integrating Zigbee Canless Lights For Entire Home - Juno Connect


I am in the exact same boat as you, 100%. Clearly there is a firmware issue with these lights. I’ve even been engaged with Juno, and it’s clear that they know of the issues.

The problem is June seems wed to Smartthings and Samsung who I believe did their firmware for them. So I even abandoned Z2M and bought a Smartthings hub. Recent firmware updates there have made even that platform unstable and unable to add more than 25-30 of these lights. It is literally like playing wack-a-mole, you’ve got that right!

Kitchen with 10 downlights took 4-6 hours of trial and error to get all ten paired and addressable on the Aeotec Smartthings hub. I haven’t even gotten to the step of trying to port over to Home Assistant and use adaptive lighting.

Smartthings migration to edge drivers has disabled the ability to do firmware updates OTA, so maybe it could be done via Bluetooth like Hue uses, but even then I’m not sure.

So so frustrated and I’m in for 56 of these in our remodel, so moving over to Hue would be an expensive proposition, but I feel like a year now is long enough, so I’ll probably cut my losses and slowly migrate room by room.


What’s your impression of the light quality out of the Hue lamps?

I think we’re very similar in that CCT and dimming down to 1% was important in my decision tree, and RGB seems unnecessary.

Essentially, high CRI (color rendering index) coupled with CCT control was what drove me to the Juno connect and binding them with Inovelli switches.


Anyone ever get these to work correctly?

I have a couple WC6s and tried to use both ZHA and Zigbee2MQTT. Both seem to be able to pair, and interview the lights, but timeout when trying to do anything with them or even just poll the state. Interestingly in Zigbee2MQTT I can see that the devices is “live” but it just doesn’t do anything. I tried with a few of them to see if it just that one was broken… but they all do the same thing.

Nope. I’ve been in contact with Juno for about a year now. Even to the point where I believe they’re working with Samsung engineers who developed the firmware stack and drivers, they sent me a new SmartThings Aeotec hub to try and still the same issues.

  1. Can’t Get Devices to Pair Easily
  2. Once Paired, random devices freeze up and require factory resets/rebuilding the whole damn room
  3. Go back to Problem #1

I have lost hundreds of hours on these, and wish I never bought them for our remodel.
A hard lesson learned.

If they ever get these right, and get their zigbee firmware working right, they’d be great.
Good light output, great feature set. All the features I was looking for.
Just fell short on the connected features.

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Thanks for the info… you just saved me a ton of hours. I only have a few of them, but to the useless pile they go. The non-zigbee version is what I wound up going with in my office. I assume the light is basically the same. They are very nice. It’s a shame their zigbee implementation sucks.