Intermittent issues with LZW31-SN and Aux 3-way

I have multiple dimmers and switches (all red series) and just want to confirm something. In one case I have a dimmer connected to a GE aux toggle and it works as expected. the other LZW31-SN does not. If I turn on the switch manually and use the aux down toggle to turn off - it always turns off, but when the switch is off and i toggle up it only seems to work once in many tries. Both dinners have option 22 set to Momentary. BTW both dimmers replaced another zwave dimmer that was operating fine with the aux toggles.

Both dimmers have firmware 1.35

what else can I check?

Parameter 22 is the switch type. Are they set to 2 (Auxiliary)?

For some hubs (such as Home Assistant/OpenZwave), the Parameter 22 option is listed as Momentary instead of Auxilary.

If you havent already, I recommend setting Parameter 22 to Load Only, and then change it back to Momentary. There have been reports of the setting not saving properly. I also recommend changing Parameter 21 (Power/Load type), and changing it back as well.

ok - so i changed 21 to no-neutral saved, then changed back to neutral saved
and changed 22 from 2-aux/momentary to 0-load save, then changed back to 2-aux/momentary saved

That made a huge improvement! Now it turns on more often than it doesn’t - it always turns off.

After several hours it has reverted to not working again. when i poll the switch it indicates it has retained the settings. What else can I do?

An update that may help others. When sending the command to set the aux/momentary configuration it may take a few minutes to be acknowledged. Be patient. Also, do not try to turn-off then immediately turn-on the light - there seems to be a delay (ramp-up, down, etc) that gets confused when you try to change the state quickly. it is working now as long as I do not try to change the state say within 5 to 10 seconds. I hope this helps.