Invoelli Black Dimmer to control a smart-plug

I’m trying to replace a light fixture in my kitchen, and long story short, I have an existing light switch that I’d like to repurpose.

I want to affix a light fixture in my kitchen, and I have a wall-plug right next to it I can plug it in to. However, turning on the light through my phone/Alexa would be annoying; I want to replace my existing light switch (which doesn’t work anymore) with a in-wall mounted light switch that would control the smart plug.

I currently have TP-Link and Meross (MS110) smart plugs, so I was thinking about getting a SmartThings hub and an Inovelli black dimmer switch.

However, I don’t have a neutral, but it seems I can use the dimmer switch, which doesn’t require a neutral. In that case, I don’t need the dimmer functionality, just on/off. I think that’ll work.

However, the switch isn’t “controlling” anything, as the wires for the light it goes to don’t exist anymore. Would this wiring still work?

Is there another setup I can use here? Would really like to get this working.

You may want to get a red series that will support scenes if you want it too (depending what you want to control. E.g RGBW bulb). 1x up 50% brightness, 2x up 75% brightness etc…

Unfortunately, that won’t work. You need a functioning circuit to power the light.

I think the only solution is to get a hot and neutral to the box. It sounds as if there is a single Romex going to where a light used to be. Or are the wires to the box really gone? If the wires are still present, there is or was a hot to the light that used to be there. Is that hot still in the box where the light used to be?

The wires to the “box” (where the light switch is now) are intact. Just 2 wires. But the “end” of the circuit, which used to have a light fixture, has nothing now.

So you have a single Romex going from the switch box to the box where the light used to be, right? Go look in the box where the light used to be. There was a hot there at one time or this would not have worked. Is the hot still there? If it is, you can then bring it to the switch box and have your power there for the smart switch.

The place in the ceiling where the light went is covered; it’s about 15 feet away from the switch. I’d have to rip through sheetrock to see. Hence why I wanted to avoid the issue altogether.

I found the Lutron Caseta, which can do this with a remote. (see here:, I think this is what I’ll go with.

Ok, that shouldn’t be, as you can’t legally (according to code) cover an electrical box, but I guess that’s what you have. I can’t comment on the Caseta’s as I haven’t used any.