Is it possible to control 2 independent lights from a single Red series switch?

Right now I have power (and neutral) to a box and have 2 separate lines going to two different outside flood lights. Originally I had a switch with 2 rockers on it to control them independently but now with a red series switch I tied them together and hooked it up normally.

Is it possible to have one light off the normally wired setup and the other off the Red Screw (traveler) and somehow control it using a double tap??

My apologies if someone already asked this but I searched pretty hard to no avail. This could be simply impossible because maybe power doesn’t flow through the traveler screw but I’m thinking it can with typical 3 way set ups.

I hope I described the problem well. Else I could upload a picture :slight_smile:

You can’t use the physical wiring to turn the switch into a “double” switch as you are suggesting, but there is another solution.

I would consider using a smart relay for the 2nd light. Basically, you would send full time power to one of the lights and install a smart relay in the light’s box. This gives you the ability to control the on/off of the 2nd light via a scene. The first light would still be controlled via the physically wired load connection.

So then you can use the multi-tap scene capability of the switch to control the light with the smart relay. For example, a double-tap up to turn on and a double-tap down to turn off.

Hm yeah that’s what I figured. Yeah I just started using relays! They’re so great! I will have to see if I could do that.

There’s also the option of using a smart bulb in the second light and toggle the bulb on/off with scene control.
You could even use a second red series switch and setup zwave association to control it.
Lots of options to get this done